Family, Life and Love: the Journey of Family

Hi!  I’m Katie.  I’m a wife and a full-time (at the moment) mommy of two.  I’m also a daughter, a sister and a friend.  I love my family, and my extended family, so that’s what this blog is about: “Family, Life and Love: The Journey of Family.”

We live in Northern California and are connected by strong bonds to parents and siblings, some of whom live nearby. We  are we’re happily learning about being a family of four…..our first born joining us in May, 2012 and our second daughter in August, 2016.

Our purpose in publishing these blog posts and other resources is to share hope!   If what we share makes you smile or helps you out or encourages you, then we’re delighted!

You can also find me on my weekly YouTube Channel and my daily FaceBook page.

My mom and dad live nearby.  You can find my dad’s blog posts here, too.   I’m trying to get him going on YouTube also 🙂  My brother recently moved here from another state, and I’m working on him; and mom…’re on my list, too!!!

Please share what you know with us and others who are reading these pages. We are all learning the art of being family, living well and loving fully, and we would love to hear your journey!

As we post blogs here, posts on my FaceBook page and video on my YouTube channel, we would love to hear your experiences, opinions and wisdom.


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