The KT Files Behind the Scenes: Q&A About Us

Who is Katie Behind the Camera?

In this week’s YouTube video, I’m answering some questions that we have been asked.  We’ve been creating these videos every week for almost two years now, and I felt like it would be good to tell you a little about me!

  • The first question is “How do you find the time and discipline to keep up with your YouTube Channel and also do the mom and family thing?”  Basically I said that I have some time because our six-year-old is at school, and my dad and I work together on these videos, and we enjoy the time spent on them and the conversation we have before and after.  Sometimes my mom and brother are part of the project, and even my husband has appeared in a couple of them!  It’s a family project.
  • Second, “How much of how you were raised applies to how you raise your children now?”  Short answer: a lot!  But there’s more to it.
  • Third, “Are you reading any good books right now?”    Hahaha!  I wish!  I’d LOVE to be reading right now.  I have some in a pile ready to go (see list below) when I have some actual free time.
  • The last question, “You know you are a mom when __________ (I filled in the blanks) and you know you are a dad when ____________.”
My want-to-read-but-I-don’t-have-time-yet book list

If this sounds interesting, you can watch the video right here, or head over to YouTube and watch there.

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