A Chill Pill For Your Kids’ Hot Summer Carseats

Relief for HOT summer kiddie car seats

Those of us who live in hot summertime temperatures know a thing or two about hot car seats! But I found a chill pill for my littlest’s car seat! It’s awesome: I just unfold it, put it on the seat while I’m in the store with my daughter, and when I come back out, her seat is like a little air conditioned chair!

In this week’s video, I left the chill pack on the carseat for my littlest little in my hot car for a couple of hours and then came back and did a heat test with a remote reading thermometer. The difference in the two car seats, unprotected and chilled, was huge!

Here’s the unprotected carseat after the car sat two hours out in the sun with the windows up, temperatures in the upper 80s:

Unprotected car seat, temperature 106F after sitting two hours in a car in the sun on a day in the upper 80s.

And here’s the carseat covered with the Cool Tech Car Seat Cooler [affiliate link]

My littlest daughter’s car seat is just across the bench seat from her sister’s. It also sat in the hot car for a couple of hours, but it was covered by the Cool Tech Car Seat Cooler.





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