Boobie Blunders: Avoiding Nursing Problems & Pitfalls

Breast Feeding — Not Always Easy

Breast feeding seems like it ought to be easy. And usually it is. But NOT always! And even when it’s easy to start with, sometimes it gets complicated along the way. I’ve learned some ways to make it easier, and some definite blunders along the way. If you are about to start a nursing relationship, this video will help you avoid some not-so-obvious problems.

Blunder 1: Assuming You Can’t Do It

Will these small breasts produce milk to feed my baby?   What about my inverted nipples?  My baby is drowning in all the milk!  Can I really do this?  Yes!!  You can!  There are solutions for nearly every breastfeeding problem.

Blunder 2: Giving In To Bad Advice

Oh, my.  So many opinions from our friends and family.  “Are you nursing that baby again?”   “That baby sure looks skinny, are you sure she is getting enough breast milk?”  Not helpful to a new mom!

Blunder 3: Don’t Be in a Rush to Give Up Those Night Feedings

Your body is going to be figuring out what to do.  Your breasts will adjust milk supply.

Blunder 4: Insufficient Support

If there are problems, you need good support.  I asked my mom, friends, and others.  When I needed some expert advice, I contacted a certified lactation consultant, and that was amazing!

There is more detail on all of these in our video (above), or you can also find it on YouTube.

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