Got Some Mom Guilt Going On? Here’s Some Encouragement

Mom Guilt: Pretty Common For Most of Us

I think most of us at least know what the idea of “mom guilt” is.  You know:  “I’m not doing a good enough job at ___________.”

For example:  “I should be breast feeding, but I’m not.”  Or, “We should have more income so we can give our kids better experiences”.   Here’s one that bugs me: “I should be in better shape so I have more strength and less baby fat residual.”  A big one in society in America is “I should be at home with my baby instead of working.”

While there’s probably no sure-fire way to totally eliminate mother guilt, it may help to have some encouragement.  After all: if you love your kids and are doing your best for them, you’re probably doing just fine!

So, I’m hoping this week’s video will help you put aside whatever mom guilt you might be carrying around.  You can see it right here, or you can see it on YouTube.  We’ve done something unusual starting at 01:56 into the video!

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