The Powerful Value of Choices for Little Children: A Two-Year Report

We have learned a powerful strategy for directing our daughter as she grows.  It’s a strategy that allows her more power in her relationship with her dad and I, and it’s a strategy that has minimized her “melt downs.”  And, I believe it’s a strategy that will help her grow into the powerful woman that I dream that she will become.

The strategy is simple, but it has required a new way of thinking for us because now instead of simply telling her what to do, we provide choices.  The choices we offer are options that we are okay with however she decides.   It gives her a sense of being more in control of her life….even as a six year old.

It Takes Some Parent Re-Thinking

While this is a simple strategy, it does require some change in us as parents.  We have gone from a “do this, do that” approach of directing our daughter to one that gives her appropriate levels of control.  It has improved her attitude and we feel it is developing good skills in her.

If this sounds like something that might be helpful with your little, please take a look at our video that explains more about the strategy by clicking on the video image at the top of this page, or you can also go over to YouTube and see it.

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