The Practicalities of a Supernatural Pain-Free Childbirth

I had two supernatural childbirth experiences…..including one which turned out to be at home (which was NOT the plan!) .

There are some practical details to any childbirth and in this week’s video, I want to cover some of them.  Here are some of the key points:

1. Hire a doula!  I found this so very helpful!  My husband and my family were great supports, but I really wanted more specific support.

2. Investigate where to have the baby.  It doesn’t have to be a hospital.  We used a birth center the first time and….ummm….our bathroom floor the second time. 🙂  [Read my husband’s story about this] Actually we were going to go to the hospital!

3. Find a like-minded obstetrician.   This is a big deal, or was for me.

4.  Don’t leave home too soon.  You don’t want to be at the hospital any longer than you have to.

5. Stay physically active.  I’m glad that I did.  It made labor and delivery easier.

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