Sowing Into “the Dessert Years” in a Long Lasting Marriage

When long-time family friend Barb was visiting in California recently, I asked her to tell me about how she and her husband Mike have sown into the “dessert years” of their marriage.  Barb has spoken encouragingly for years about the seasons of a marriage: the “salad years”, the “entree years”, and the “dessert years”……and how it’s important to “not miss dessert!”

Barb and her husband Mike have been married over 50 years, and they are still going strong in their marriage and in their large and lovely family.

You can watch our interview here on YouTube, or click the image above.  Barb has some good insights about how it is possible to enjoy a good life together long into a marriage.  That’s encouraging to me, as a woman in her late ’30s in the “entree years.”  That’s what I want, too, when our kids have grown up and are on their own!


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