If Love Here Is Sweet….


As I gazed with fondness this evening at my wife of 45 years, I noticed how little she was.  She has always been smaller than me, but that wasn’t what flashed into my mind.  The realization that washed over me was this: here is this small person in the scale of the universe, or even the room we were in — but she is immense in my heart.

Daily at least I thank the Lord for blessings, and they are many, but always she is at the head of the list.

I remember that Jesus said that in Heaven marriage of man and woman is no more.  But I also know to my very core that God is good and He loves us.  So, in my heart I believe that when we are both gathered into eternity, we will know each other still, Linda and me.  I also believe that love is to Heaven as oxygen is to Earth, and it will transport us all who are there far beyond what we know here.

The love of marriage….and family…..and friends…..is sweet.  It’s going to be immense in eternity!

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