Why I Love My Amazon Echo, Alexa

I have fallen in love with my little “fem-bot”, Alexa.  My dad and mom picked up one of the first generation models when they first came out, and gave me an Echo “Dot” for Christmas.  Since then, I have been trying it out and finding out that I really do like it and use it a lot.

We use it for news briefings in the morning, music, corny jokes, miscellaneous facts, AND voice-generated shopping lists that appear on our smartphones!

This is the one we have.  It’s perfect in the kitchen.  The built-in speaker is okay, but you can plug in some old computer speakers if you want a richer sound.  (If you purchase from the links below, I’ll receive a small commission that helps make this blog possible)

This one has the best sound.  Dolby® sound, no less.

The new Echo Spot is the coolest one!

Watch my Alexa video on this.

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