Eclipsed: Fun With The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017

Today we are watching the Great American Eclipse of 2017. Hurray! So we’ve got a couple of things going here. We’ve got our awesome glasses. We also have some pictures we’re going to be taking with our special camera, and we have the “Mark 1 homemade pinhole projector.” We’re going to talk about all of that.

Steve and me checking it out

Here’s my guy and me checking out the eclipse

As I’m writing, we are watching the partial eclipse, and here’s how we prepared for it. We have our fancy ISO eclipse glasses, and as I look through them, the sun is actually getting smaller. We also have a camera set up doing a time lapse, so, hopefully, that’ll turn out. If it does we’ll include it in the video.

Yeah, we’re hanging out here watching the eclipse. It’s not dark yet. Obviously, it’s not going to get completely dark, only dim. But one thing I noticed almost immediately is that the temperature, is cooler, which I am all for.

For most Americans this is probably the best shot at watching an eclipse. The next one is going to be in 2024 and it will be seen from about Texas to Maine. After that in 2045 is actually going to be seen from about this area of the world in California. So it’s going to be a little while before we get to see another one like this. This is exciting.

pinhole projector

Here’s Steve checking out the Mark I Pinhole Projector. It worked. But it was not awesome.

Okay, I’m looking through the Mark 1 pinhole projector. This is my first time ever using one, so I have no idea what to expect, but I see it. So I’m looking in through here, and the sun is shining in through that tiny little pinhole, but it’s also showing me what the eclipse looks like. Reach in with the camera, and check it out. You should be able to see it. It’s just a very small little crescent and it’s getting skinnier. It’s 10:08, now and the max at this location is supposed to be at 10:16. So we’ve got about eight more minutes. So I guess it’s going to get even…gosh, I guess it’s going to get even skinnier.

Okay guys, local time is about 10:18, and we have reached the maximum occlusion for our area, and that’s at about 85%. So now there’s just this little tiny sliver, and, yeah, it’s so cool! This is awesome. The temperature has gone from…well, this morning when I woke up, it was probably about 72, 73, and before this started happening, it was probably about 75, and it’s literally, it’s like holding at that temperature. So it’s nice, and, actually the temperature’s great. It feels cool. And usually about this time, if I was standing out in full sun, I would be starting to sweat, but the temperature’s great right now. It feels nice and breezy, and I wish it was just like this all the time.

Mom & Dad

Here’s my mom and dad watching the eclipse through official don’t-burn-your-retinas lenses

So we have watched the Great American Eclipse of 2017 here in northern California. We’ve watched the moon travel over the sun, and about 85% of the sun was covered, and it was glorious. The temperature was lovely, and now it’s kind of going back to normal, and we can tell this by the amount of light and the amount of warmth that’s coming back. So we’re going to go ahead and wrap up before it gets too hot. Maybe we’ll see you in 2024, whatever it is, in Texas for the next one.

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Hope you guys are doing great! See you next time.

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