Marriage: Lessons from 67 Years Together

New Orleans, 1961

My father’s mom and dad were married in September 1949, 67 years ago at this writing.  Most of us want a lifelong marriage of faithful love and friendship, and that has been the story of Glen and Mary Ilene Johnson.

When we visited their home in Montana last summer, I asked my grandfather if he would let me interview him about his long life with my grandmother.  His responses about the reasons for their success of their marriage were simple, but profound.  It’s worth the watch for those alone.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t be with us in the interview because her memory has slipped.  But she is still very much with my grandfather and even in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, her love for him still flows out of her, kissing his head, sitting with him, communicating with him as best she can.

It’s an inspiration for all of us in our family.  We all want to be like them. I invite you into this look into the north star of our families’ marriages: this nearly seven-decade marriage.


Still partners and friends after 67 years of marriage

Family picnic in Montana, summer 2017


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