Traveling with Kids: Our Adventure

I’m in the beautiful state of Montana, enjoying a week-long family vacation with most of our extended family and I want to do a quick video today about travel preparations. What did it look like for us before we left California, on our way there with a husband and two littles in tow. I also want to talk to you about what happens when everything goes wrong. When nothing happens the way you expected. So stay tuned.

Hi everybody. Today we are going to talk about preparations for a family summer out-of-state trip. Our plan is to drive to the big city, overnight in a hotel, and then hop on an airplane. Destination is Montana to visit with our family. That was the intro we filmed before we left California but it didn’t happen that way, at all.

All right guys, I’m doing some prep work for a week’s vacation out-of-state. Tomorrow we’re going to wake up and drive down to the big city because airfare is less expensive flying out of a larger airport. We’ll stay in a hotel, and then get up early the next morning and fly to Montana.

In preparation, there’s packing, naturally, but I’m also preparing food because I have food imitations; my husband is a picky eater, and with two littles, it’s just a lot easier to be prepared. It’s also healthier and a lot easier on the budget to avoid airport food and we prefer spending our money at our destination. So, here’s what I’ve got going on.

This recipe is the start of one of my husband’s favorite meals. You can’t really see anything right now, but this is going to be chicken and rice soup soon. The babies are hanging out, veggies are ready to get chopped and the suitcases are waiting. We’ve got some delicious wild grain rice and spices, and it’s coming together here really well. This is probably an hours worth of prep work. I’m getting dinner ready for the evening and I’m also getting snacks ready for the airplane ride tomorrow. I’ve got crackers, and peanut butter jelly sandwiches, grapes, fruit slices, and puffs for the baby.

We’re on the road now. One hour and a half down, and one hour left to go.

Now we’re waiting at the airport after our first flight delay. Nothing like a layover in the airport, but good thing for snacks and big windows for the children, mostly snacks, though.

Sleeping baby on an airplane and the big girl gets her iPad. I don’t know what people did before iPads on airplanes.  Seriously, thank goodness for iPads.

Once the plane became airborne finally the baby fell asleep. Of course, naps don’t really last very long, but I’ll take whatever nap I can get. After we landed in Montana, one of them woke up and then woke the other one up. But as you see, we made it. We’re finally at our destination  in Montana. We’ve showered and had some food. Things are more calm now, but yeah, our trip didn’t go at all as planned.

When we were set to leave California, we had a delayed flight, which meant that we were going to miss our connecting flight. Because the connecting flight into Montana was going into a popular smaller airport, they had only a couple of flights a day. Since we missed that morning flight and the next flight was already full they told us the next available flight going to our destination would be midnight the next day. Which, for those of you traveling  with little kids and babies know, it’s a disaster! It doesn’t work. Plus, we only had so many days of vacation.

So, we ended up traveling about half way to Portland, overnighted and then early the next morning we flew on into an adjacent little city in Montana. There we rented a car and two car seats for our littles, and drove two hours to our final destination. Finally we arrived.

As you can see, our travel did not go at all as planned. I am super grateful that we were prepared with food and snacks because that really helped with all the sitting around and waiting we had to do. It was not what we intended, but it actually turned out to be a fun family adventure. I can say that in hindsight. It wasn’t quite so fun in the moment but we are here and we are happy.

Now I wanted to do a shout-out to Alaska Airlines, which is who we were flying with. When we got to our big city airport, we found out our plane was still grounded in another city and it hadn’t even arrived yet. It was in Boise and it ended up being an hour and a half late, but the Alaska Airline agents that helped us were amazing. They were great. Because we were stranded they talked options. They said, “We’re going to pay for a hotel for you in Portland. That way you’ll be a little closer to you destination.  We’re also going to give you meal vouchers. We’re going to do whatever we can do to make this workable for you.” While it wasn’t perfect, they did so well! They just did amazingly well.

Once we got off the plane in Portland, we checked in with the gate agents and were given hotel and meal vouchers. When all was said and done, it totalled about $200 in meal vouchers for our little family. I had packed food, as you saw in the video, but we had an extra unexpected 24+ hours of travel, so help was very appreciated.

The hotel they put us up in was really nice, new and clean, and the people there were lovely. Anyway, it was wonderful. I can’t speak highly enough about Alaska Airlines and the service they provide. They were just tremendous. We will be flying home with them and we’re looking forward to a much smoother trip home. Thanks for joining us. Hope you guys have a good day and a good Fourth of July weekend, which is coming soon. Thanks so much for reading.

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Thanks again you guys. Hope everyone is well. Take care. Bye!

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