Our Morning Routine on School Days

Pre-school ready!Today, I want to talk about what our school morning time routine looks like with two kids, because although our morning routine looks pretty much the same every day, a school morning, is like we’re kind of in fast-mo. We’ve got to get stuff done and her out of the house in time for school. So, I want to share about what our morning school day routine looks like and just how we get stuff done around here.

It’s 6:45 in the morning, I turn on my phone and try to wake up a little bit. I usually check out the baby monitor and this is a good morning because the little is still sleeping, thank goodness. If the older one hasn’t come into my room yet, I usually go into her room. This morning, when I went in to see her, I realized why she’s still in bed. She was reading a book. (Her clock light was green light -we did a video on this amazing clock if you want to check it out – so she could have gotten out of bed but chose to read instead!) First things first; potty, wash hands, and then we go down the hall to get sister.

Some mornings, the little  is already awake and waiting for us. Other mornings, we get to wake her up and start off with some nursing, snuggling, and gentle waking up. Maybe it’s just me that needs the gentle waking up because our five-year-old’s awake, always immediately. The following is my morning breakfast routine.

For a morning smoothie, already in my blender is some peanut butter with banana and I add ice. I’m also going to add a handful of spinach and some frozen blueberries. This can was opened up-side-down but it is my favorite coconut milk, so we’ll use a little bit of coconut milk. Then, I add psyllium whole husks for fiber. I also use Vega, protein and more greens, I really like this smoothie because it works well for me. Of course, I take my vitamins, and a probiotic which I think help my tummy. Yum!

After our second daughter was born, we bought a Vitamix and I absolutely love it. The motor is so powerful, I think it could literally blend up a human. I mean, not that I know that but I’m pretty sure it could. It’s probably one of our best purchases ever.

A Different Kind of Shopping Haul: Cherry PickingEggo Waffles are the favorite breakfast for school mornings and we are also going to have a boiled egg. I usually try to keep eggs on-hand because the big one likes boiled eggs. Sometimes I put them in her lunch, too, but she wants one for breakfast this morning. This morning we are also eating beautiful cherries because recently, we went out and picked them ourselves at a farm near by.  That was fun!  Click right to watch that video.

Eggos with cherries and maple syrup. Yum!This is our breakfast conversation this morning. “How is it? Are you getting water? Not yet? How’s your breakfast?  Good?!”

I have a handy little helper who always likes to join us and try to climb into the dishwasher. She’s ready for a little bit of breakfast, too. I’ll give her a few bites of strawberry which I will be holding for her because she only has two teeth. She’s also going to have a little bit of this pear, purple carrot, and blueberry baby food. When I don’t make her baby food, I like to use this because she likes it. Ready? She’s also gonna have a few of these super puffs, as well, just because they keep her busy. Super puffs are obviously a favorite.

“What do you think about your breakfast? Like it? What’s your favorite part of breakfast? Waffles and cherries, avocado, and eggs.”  Okay so, while she’s eating I usually start preparing lunch and a snack for the oldest daughter.

Another thing my oldest loves to do is get on my iPhone and watch where grandfather is as he is coming to pick her up for school.  Another favorite thing is to keep the little one busy. There is a Youtube channel called Little Baby Bum and they both love it. As I finish lunch and snacks, if the little is hollering at me I’ll put on Little Baby Bum for her to watch.

“I’m going to put your applesauce in here with a spoon, okay? Make sure you bring it home.” Usually, after the big one is done with breakfast, she joins the little one to watch a little bit of the music because she actually likes it, too. There in the background, you can see my dad. He is our cameraman some mornings especially when he comes over to pick up the older for school. That way I don’t have to set up the tripod.

It's gotta be brushed :)The last thing we do before she heads out the door is brush teeth, apply sunscreen, and then we do her hair. Recently she got it cut and it’s a whole lot easier to deal with. We make sure her face and hands are clean. Okay, you’re ready. “Give me a hug, Sweets. I love you, have a great day.  I love you, my big girl.”  There she goes out with her Morfar (grandfather). She loves it when her Morfar (mother’s father in Swedish) takes her to school. MorFar loves this time with our oldest and it’s also very helpful to me that he takes her to school.

That’s our morning routine on a school day. Once we get the big one off for school it’s quiet-ish in our house. Not exactly super quiet because I’ve a little who’s getting ready for her nap, then it’ll be really quiet. Thanks again for joining us today.

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Yep. Sometimes they watch little kid videos on YouTube!



Eggo Waffles

Super Puffs

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