PreSchool Lunch Ideas: How We Roll

Hi, friends! Today, we’re going to talk about preschool lunch and snacks. My daughter is in her second year of preschool so we’ve been doing this now for almost two years and it’s taken a little bit of getting used to. How do you make a snack for your tiny person or a lunch for your tiny person that they’re going to eat while they are not with you, that’s still healthy enough, but fun enough for them to eat it and not bring it all back home to you, causing you to think , “What did you eat all day?”

I want to invite you to watch us make her lunch this morning. Come over here to the fridge and let me know what you are interested in today? Here are some choices. Do you want to have strawberries or apples? [Child] I think strawberries – Strawberries, okay. Do you want to have a boiled egg? [Child] Yes, a boiled egg. Do you want some of these cucumbers that we had for dinner last night? Yes, okay. And do you want some of this chicken? Yup. Yeah, some chicken. Okay, perfect. Thanks, my love.

She really likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and so far, I haven’t tried to break away from that, just because I know she’ll eat it. I’d rather fuel her body than have her bring home something I’ve sent with her in hopes that she’ll eat it. I always try to have a little bit of variety, but she really does like the PBJ sandwiches, so that’s pretty much a constant. Some of the other things we have are strawberries, Persian cucumbers, which she absolutely loves, rotisserie chicken breast, and little Ritz crackers. I add her vitamins and we’ve got a hard-boiled egg, so I’m going to get started on each of these little pieces. She often doesn’t like egg yolk. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t. That’s totally fine, whatever. I usually just chop it and plop the yolk out and add salt and dill. She’s like her mama. She likes dill like I do.

I pack her lunch in a little bento box type of lunch boxes  (Amazon).  They are great. The lid actually has a space for two ice packs, which when we’re ready to go, I’ll show you. Not so much of a big deal right now, but come June, it will be a big deal. Still, it’s nice to know everything is going to be kept cool.

This is the requested cucumber that I went ahead and peeled. I didn’t peel all the good green stuff off, but I did peel most of it off just so she’ll eat it. Okay. One for the cook . I’m going to make the sandwich last, because in a total rookie mom move, I forgot to take the bread out of the freezer, thus it’s a little frozen this morning. So we’ll make the PBJ sandwich last minute. It’s not hard, but we’ll do that last.

This is the rotisserie seasoned chicken breast that I get at Costco, love it, and she does, too. It’s nice, because there’s no MSG, nor nitrates.  It’s gluten free and all that, and it’s a little bit of protein that I know she will eat for sure other than the egg. I’ll tell you what, kids are kind of funny. She’s finicky. She doesn’t like the little edges on her sandwich, so I pick it off, because I would rather her eat it than not. It doesn’t take me, but just a minute to cut them off and then I usually eat it, so nothing is wasted.

It’s been an interesting process learning how to do these lunches because when she’s home with me, I don’t usually have a problem getting her to eat lunch. I can monitor what she’s putting in her mouth, and how much she’s eating. That way I know if she didn’t like what I put in front of her because she won’t eat it. That helps me understand why she’s hungry and kind of a fussy cuss like an hour later. But when she’s at preschool, it’s not easy because I don’t know what she eats until she gets home. Sometimes, in the hassle of everything, I don’t actually look at her lunch box, so it’s like, did she eat or not.

It’s been an interesting process, learning how to make lunch, not only that, but fitting it into the morning schedule has been a learning experience. I know some mamas like to make lunches the evening before but I guess it just ended up working out a little bit better for us to do it in the morning. She’s requested strawberries so I try to make sure that I have some sort of fresh fruit every week, even if it’s the same kind of fruit. I try to mix it up. We always have apples in the house because I like them for my smoothies. We try to mix in strawberries or raspberries or…she requested a pineapple the other day. I don’t know if she saw something about it at school or what, but we got a pineapple. Steve cut it up for her, and she was super excited about it. She’s been eating it, so that’s great.

Okay, Ritz cheese crackers are not the healthiest option, but she likes them, and she’s five. I don’t mind if she has a couple of these a day, not a lot, but in they go. She has also asked to have her vitamins at lunch time.  We have children’s vitamins from Costco, but when she saw Steve and I taking our digestive enzyme, Probiotic Gummies she asked for one, too. Since she likes to have her vitamins with her lunch, so I’m going to stick them in there with the strawberries. I guess it’s fun for her to have them at school.

So we have the snack made. Her lunch has some protein, fruit, her vitamins and little chewy, crunchy carbs – Ritz crackers with cheese. Now, we will go ahead and make the sandwich. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are not rocket science, so we’re going to go ahead and be really quick here. I use the natural Non-GMO fruit spread. It’s has a little bit less sugar than just the typical jam it’s and not like she needs help with energy. I like the natural and the lower sugar jam. I don’t like the stuff with aspartame or any of the fake sugars. I like just sweetened with normal sugar.

We are done with the sandwich. She has informed me that she likes it when I cut it just so, so I cut it into little triangles for her, and then I will load up the sandwich. It’s nice, because it fits perfectly right in there. Now for one of those little ice packs that we’ll put in the lid to keep her lunch cold. The ice pack is nice and frozen, so it’s going to keep the cucumbers and the egg cool, not so much the sandwich, but obviously I’m not so worried about the sandwich. I put the lid on here and get it zipped up in the little container that helps keep it all nice and chilled and contained.

All right, last but certainly not least, is just water. Her school has asked that children bring water rather than any sort of juices or anything like that which I totally understand. You know, a pack of sugared-up preschoolers is probably not what they’re really looking for most days, so we send her with ice water. Some days she drinks all of it, some days she hardly drinks any of it, but she has it, and that is what’s most important.

Okay, that’s it. Lunch is ready and we’ll do this again Wednesday and Friday mornings. For kindergarten, gosh, it’ll be everyday. I’ll have to add a few more things to my list. So this lunch preparation for my preschool daughter.

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