My Top Four Teething Hacks

Teething is tough for littles and they aren’t shy about letting us know about it…and that’s good because we want to help them through it! Today, I want to talk about my top teething hacks that may help you with your teething babies!

If you’re a mom and you have teething babies you’ve probably heard about an amber teething necklace. Babies don’t actually chew on them. You put the necklace around their little neck and when touched with warm skin, healing properties are released from the Baltic amber into the skin.

Here is my almost two-year-old with her amber teething necklace. After I got comfortable with it, she wore it throughout the process of baby teeth growing in.

It’s been about four years since I’ve dealt with teething. My newest hasn’t cut her first tooth yet but I’m in preparation mode because she’s about six months old and teething is coming soon. When  I introduced my first born to an amber teething necklace I was really paranoid at first. I had questions about when should she wear it, how often should she wear it and should she sleep with it? I started off with it around her neck during the day. Then at night I would double wrap it around her little ankle.

As she grew older, I became more confident with her wearing it at night, because these necklaces are actually really well made. There’s an individual knot in between each bead which means that if the necklace snaps, beads are not going to fly everywhere. You will lose at most maybe one bead, because they are individually knotted. I think that’s just brilliant.

Once I became comfortable with this on her, our daughter wore this most days and nights while she was working on her baby teeth. This is a good quality product with a certificate of authenticity.

I used this amber necklace (at right) with my firstborn and while teething was definitely not fun, I really feel like it helped. When I took it off, it felt to me like she became a little more crabby, irritable and fussy. This is not like a cure-all. It’s not going to make teething problems go away, but I do feel like it helped. I got mine on Amazon. Just do your due diligence and be sure that you purchase authentic amber beads, because there’s a lot of junk out there that’s not authentic. Make sure that you buy from a trusted source. If you find a place that sells locally, even better. So, number one is an amber teething necklace. I really recommend these.

Number two is a little teether soother like this one from Amazon. These teethers are pretty easy to use. Pop them open and you put whatever you want in it. You could use ice chips, if baby hasn’t really had very many foods. For my oldest, we actually put frozen strawberries in the teether. I know some of you might not want to do strawberries, but you could use frozen pieces of apple or pear. Anything cold is going to help alleviate the pain in those little gums. I really, really like these teethers and I got mine in a two-pack. Again, probably Amazon. I shop on Amazon quite a bit.

I love these because I can put ice in them or even little bits of cold food, like frozen fruit and that helps her little mouth.

Number three. This is a little plastic teether you can put in the fridge or in the freezer to chill. Actually, I don’t know what it’s made of but I do know it doesn’t have BPA in it. I checked that. It has little bumps on it for texture and when I give my little this she will go to town on it. My oldest was the same way. She absolutely loved these teethers. We keep them in the freezer and if she’s really fussy we’ll give it to her straight out of the freezer. It doesn’t ever freeze solid, so it’s not like she’s chomping on a solid thing. It’s not going to hurt her. In preparation I want to buy more of them for my little because it’s something she can also grasp with her hands. It’s kind of wet, and it will keep a baby occupied for a good half hour or so.

The fourth thing is not an object.  It’s a tip. With my first born I used clove oil mixed with a carrier oil. I forget what the exact measurements are but I did a little bit of clove oil with either coconut or olive oil. I mixed it up and tried it on my own gums first. It definitely provides a numbing sensation.

As I was researching clove oil use for teething relief, come to find out in the past few years, there’s been more research done, because the use of essential oils has basically exploded. Because of the research we have a better understanding of what essential oils do and what they don’t do, and what you should and shouldn’t do with them. I found a few things that have said clove oil might not be the best choice when presented in that way, but clove oil plus a carrier oil, I think worked well for us. We didn’t use it a ton, only on those really fussy days would I take a small amount of the mixture and rub it into the area where I knew she was going to be getting a tooth. However, I am certainly not a pro. I don’t know much about essential oils, so if you’re thinking about this, I would definitely suggest that you do your own research on clove oil and any potential dangers associated with its use.

No teeth yet. Our youngest hasn’t popped anything out but I know they’re probably moving around in there getting ready to make their appearance so I’m preparing my teething arsenal. I don’t want her to have teething pain but I suspect its unavoidable. I don’t want it to be horrible, so I’m preparing and researching.  These are my top four teething hacks.

As my little one gets a older and her teeth come in, we might bring in more tips. These are obviously my go-to’s, but we’ll see if I need anything more. If I do, I’ll do another post about teething. Thanks so much guys for joining us today!

I hope you found this useful as you help your little through teething!  There’s a lot we can learn from one another, so please share your questions, experiences and wisdom in the comments below or connect with us on our FaceBook page, the KT Files.  You can also find dozens of videos about childbirth and parenting on our YouTube Channel and I invite you to join us there, too!


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