Is Marriage Better for the Environment?

It makes sense when you think about it: marriage is better for the environment, the only known place suitable for our species in the entire universe.

The reasoning is simple. For example, a home comprised of a father and a mother in a committed long-term relationship with two children consumes fewer resources and less housing space per capita than one home with only a now single father and another home comprised of a mother and two children.

A refrigerator requires roughly the same energy whether it holds food for one person or four. Marrieds require only a single refrigerator. Divorced families require two. A married family needs only a single home; divorce means two homes.

It’s also less expensive, but we’re talking about the earth here. 🙂

Now I understand that no one goes in to marriage with the plan of getting divorced.  Sometimes unhappy things happen to good people with good intentions.  If that’s you, there is no judgment here.  This is an encouragement for those of us who are married to keep fighting the good fight for unity.

There are many more important reasons to get married and stay married, including health, but as population pressures increase strain on global resources, we cannot ignore the simple fact that families staying together in marriage is better for the environment.

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