Cold Comfort: Ice Diapers & Padsicles

Today we are going to be talking about ice diapers and padsicles. Hurrah!

For those of you who don’t know what ice diapers and padsicles are, let me lay it out for you. After a vaginal birth , your nether regions are going to be really sore.

I didn’t know about ice diapers with my first birth, until afterwards when my husband came into the room with one! He and my dad had made a supply of them for me and it was like, “A gift from God!” It felt so soothingly wonderful. I definitely suggest you make these ahead of time.

I’m actually making a gift basket for a friend who’s going to be having a baby soon. I want her to have a batch of padsicles and also ice diapers (ice diapers must be stored in the freezer) for after she comes home from the hospital with her new baby.

We’re going to start with making the ice diapers. I suggest using a newborn size diaper because they’re pretty small and you don’t want to use a huge diaper, because it’s got to fit down into your panties. With a pair of scissors trim off each side of the diaper. You also want to trim off just a little bit of the front top part of the diaper because that’s where you are going to insert the ice. For convenience, I have my ice in a pitcher. You can use whatever container that works for you. I also have a spoon, just in case I need to spoon the ice into the top of the diaper.

To see how I do it I suggest you watch the video. A picture is worth a thousand words when learning how to make ice diapers and padsicles!

Next, let’s get started making padsicles. Start with a couple of the overnight pads. Open up the pad and lay it flat. The supplies I spread on the diaper are witch hazel and aloe vera gel. I know some people suggest using essential oils, which I think is a great idea. I just don’t know enough about essential oils to feel comfortable using them, but if you are knowledgeable by all means go for it. I have my supplies, a plate to lay the overnight pad on and a spoon to help get everything smeared on the inside of the overnight pad.

If you have somebody in your life that’s expecting a baby, or if you yourself are expecting, make them! You will be so glad you have them made up and ready to use during those first days at home after giving birth to your sweet baby.

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