Meal Trains & Vacuum Cleaner Dates

Hi! I want to talk to you about something we’ve already discussed, but I wanted to go into more detail. A few weeks ago, we shot a video about things that were important to do like after baby preparation. There were four things I listed; meals, time off for your spouse, older sibling care, and postpartum prep.  You can read about those items here, or watch the video here. Today I want to talk a bit more about meals and also add in one more thing to consider now that I’m about three months postpartum.

It would have been really helpful if I had help cleaning the house….

Looking back over the past three months, one thing I think would have been helpful is arranging with really good friends or family members to come over once a week and vacuum. For me, having vacuum cleaner lines on the floor makes me feel like my house is clean. Whether the rest of the house is a mess or not, having a clean floor make me feel better. Another helpful thing is having clean counter tops in the kitchen, no sticky stuff or pre-workout powder. That was for my husband. 🙂  Anyway, those are a couple of things that make me feel like my house is at least somewhat in order.

If I were going to have another baby, I would definitely ask two really good friends (people I wouldn’t really care if they saw me looking like I just had a baby) if they would come once a week and help tidy my house. “Hey, could you come on Fridays and vacuum my floor?” Or “Could you come on Mondays and give my kitchen a scrub down?”

That’s going to take what, half an hour? I mean, we don’t have a very big house. It would not take very much time and it would make me feel so much better. Plus as a benefit, they’d probably be willing to snuggle a new little baby while I took a shower. This is something I would add to my original list.

…and with meals

The next addition is about meals. Meals after a baby comes are super important. If you can stockpile meals ahead, do it. Awesome! If you have friends or family members willing to bring meals afterwards, awesome!

I have used to help other moms with food coming in from friends and family. It works great!

I really like something called meal trains. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the concept. A website I’ve used before to help out other friends is called There are a couple different levels of involvement. You can do the free version or you can do the paid version. The free version is what I’ve used and it basically allows you to create a log in, pick your date range and say, “Dinners, I want dinners!”

For two weeks you might say, “Katie and her family need meals,” and you send out the link. You can put it on social media or via email. Send out the link and your friends and family can sign up to help by providing a meal(s).

Honestly, I had a lot of help from my family and Steve was home. It was great but it would have been good to have a bit more. I actually had a friend offer to do a meal train for me and I thought, “Well, you know, I should be okay.” And we were okay, but it would have been great to have those meals coming in because if we didn’t eat them one day, we could eat them for breakfast the next day.

I would really suggest checking into the meal train. Even if you think you might not need it, do it. Just do it. Because your friends and family are looking for ways to bless and help you during this season. They want to help, so let them bring you a meal. Check out and use it.

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