Top Preparations for the Next Baby

Hi everyone!  I want to tell you today about my top preparations for after baby arrives.

This is specifically for me, for after baby number two arrives but it would be useful for after baby three or four comes along, too. Anyway, let’s get right to it.

Food Is My Number One

The first one is food. I’m sure most of you pregnant mamas or moms who’ve already done this once or twice before know how important food is, whether you’re going to do freezer meals or do a meal train. Whatever that looks like for you, just make sure you have plenty of food. I can’t tell you how great it’s been to have people helping, bringing us food. My parents brought us food. My husband cooked, which has been good, but what’s even better is to have it fast and ready. That way, we don’t have to worry about it while dealing with a crying baby.

Time Off for Your Significant Other

Second thing is time off for your significant other. Steve was able to take off about five weeks, which was humongous. It was a really big blessing. I realize that not everybody can take that much time off, or maybe you can do more. I don’t know, but whatever you can take, whatever your significant other or your partner can take off, do it. If that means foregoing a little mini-vacation later, do it because the game changes with more than one kid. I’m going to tell you, I think I underestimated it a little bit. It’s a game changer, though, with the second one. So, time off for your significant other is important.

Older Sibling Care

Next one is older sibling care. It’s been really great to have family close by because they’ve been able to help entertain our oldest because, you know, she’s just bored with this crying, pooping baby. She’s ready for the baby to be able to play with her, but that’s going to be awhile coming. She’s in school, and it’s been really good to have school, but it’s also great to have family around to come over and take her out for a walk or play with her, just something other than mom, dad and a crying baby. So, think fun for the older sibling(s)!

Postpartum Items
Postpartum care basket

See my video on postpartum care items here….whether it is for you or another momma, you’ll find this helpful!

The last on the list is your postpartum items. I did a video earlier about my favorite postpartum products. I’m here to tell you that I am so glad I had everything here and ready to go. I didn’t have to send anybody out because I needed something. Everything was all ready for me, sitting in a basket and in the freezer. So, have that stuff ready. Don’t wait. Get it all prepared and waiting for you.

That’s it. This is my priority list of things when you’re expecting baby number two or three. You might be thinking, “Oh, well, it’s baby number two. I got it.” That’s what I thought, too. I was a little overconfident or maybe I underestimated what having a newborn was like because I remembered my oldest as a newborn, through that rosy lens we often get after years go by. Anyway, maybe you mamas are more on top of it than I am. All I know is these are the things that would have been helpful or it would have been great if someone had said, “Hey, trust me. Prepare these things.”

So, yeah…I hope that this is helpful for you and if you’re expecting baby number two or three, or more, congratulations!

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