Supernatural Childbirth

I want to tell you about my experience with supernatural childbirth — two times, actually.  A book changed it all for me!

The Book That Changed Everything About Childbirth for Me

I read through the book — I literally lapped it up. It was a pretty quick read, thankfully, but I just devoured it. The essence of this book (Supernatural Childbirth – 1993, by Jackie Mize) is about how we as children of the King have the right to ask for a supernatural childbirth, free from pain and fear, and even specific things like not tearing and interventions.

Supernatural Childbirth book cover

Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize

When I read the book the first time, I thought, “What? How have I never heard of this or thought of this?” I guess it had never been brought up. Honestly, everything you see in mainstream media is about women screaming and crying, and saying that it’s the most horrible thing that’s ever happened to them.

The Light Came On Inside Me!

When I read this book it was like literally a light came down — that I could actually ask for this and the good thing is, it’s not just fluff. There are biblical scriptures that back up what they’re saying! The essence of it is, when the woman was cursed to have children, and there was to be sorrow and pain, that is in the Old Testament, part of the old Law or the Old Covenant. We are in the New Covenant now. Jesus’ death and resurrection changed everything. As his children, we have the privilege of asking for these things.

After I read the book, I asked my mom to read it because I was flabbergasted. I was like, “Okay, is this legit?” Then, I read through the verses, and indeed it is. It’s biblically sound so my mom agreed with me in prayer for a supernatural childbirth, free of birth pain. I talked to Steve about it and we decided I would go after a supernatural childbirth based on what I had learned from reading this book.

I Actually DID Have a Supernatural Childbirth

To my great joy and happiness, I actually did have a supernatural childbirth. There wasn’t pain. That’s not to say labor and delivery was a breeze, it wasn’t. Having a child is probably the most taxing and intense thing I will ever go through in my entire life. The pressure is just indescribable.

However, there was no pain, there was no screaming and there wasn’t any of the stuff you see on the TV. All the yelling, cussing and blaming my husband didn’t happen. My birthing experience was intense, but it was doable and it happened pretty quickly.

Here she is at the hospital, a few hours after she arrived.

As a side note, in my first birth I had all of these things that I had been praying for that I wanted. I wanted the baby to come on a weekend and I wanted to go into labor in the morning and have her by the evening because I don’t do well in the evenings. I wanted this, and I wanted that, and I had a whole list for God. I actually got all of it. He answered my prayers and that was really special to me.

Our Second Daughter Was Just as Supernatural……

That led me to ask for the same thing with my second baby. I had my list but you know how we sometimes tell God our plans and He laughs or maybe He just smiles and pats us on the head. I’m not sure, but I did feel His smile and a pat on my head. Our second birth wasn’t anything like I imagined or prayed for but I did indeed have a supernatural childbirth!

God knew the inner workings of my heart and He knew all my concerns about a hospital birth. He knew I feared the possibility of my doctor not being in town or being available, so He took care of all of my concerns in a way that only He could!

……But She Arrived On the Bathroom Floor

Though I never would have chosen to birth our baby on my bathroom floor (You can read my story about this amazing birth here, and daddy’s story here), when I think back about how everything worked out, how every concern I had was addressed, there was a lot of redemption. I do have to say her birth was indeed a supernatural birth. Not only that, it took only 34 minutes. I mean come on, how can that not be supernatural? 34 minutes from start to finish. That’s pretty good.

I would encourage you to check out this book if you are interested or if this is something God has put on your heart to look into. You can find the book on Amazon. There are also quite a few testimonies on YouTube. Investigate but I would encourage you to prayerfully consider contending for a supernatural childbirth, and go for it. What could be better than having our Heavenly Father with us during something as intense as a childbirth.

Does It Always Work This Way?

One thing I do want to mention is that I have known several mamas who read the book and contended for a supernatural childbirth and it didn’t happen for them. I don’t understand that. I don’t know why. Nobody knows why. That’s a mystery we won’t understand until we get to Heaven — until we can ask God for ourselves. It’s the kind of question that goes down the same path as why certain people get healed, and others stay sick? We don’t know….we don’t understand these things. It’s one of the mysteries of our faith.

Even so, I would encourage you to pray into it simply because it’s better to go into delivery with faith that it will go well.  That’s better than going into it concerned, afraid or not trusting, because trusting God with this is probably one of the best things we can do. However, no matter how your baby is born, God is with you. He’s not ever going to leave you. He’s there the entire time.

Whether it works out the way you think it’s going to, or go the way you think it should, it’s okay. But go into it trusting that He’s going to protect you, and bring you through it in the best possible way. I would take that approach any day over going into it fearful and scared that it’s not going to go right.

I can’t really say enough about how helpful this book has been. I am so glad my friend recommended it to me because it forever changed the way I look at childbirth and the way I will describe birth and encourage pregnant mamas around me. So yeah, check out the book and do some research on YouTube if you’re interested. Best wishes! If you’re considering praying into a supernatural childbirth, I would encourage you to go for it!

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