Sperm Meets Egg: Conception Helpers

Before we go any further, I do have to tell you guys that I am obviously A) not a doctor, B) not a specialist, C) not a pro. I have two kids. These are some of the tips I’ve learned and used, but I am by no means a doctor. If you want to try my advice, go ahead, but always talk to your doctor first.

Increasing the Odds with Supplements

First,  I actually worked with a woman who was my gynecologist before we relocated to our present city. She is also a fertility specialist and she gave me these tips that my husband and I could start doing ahead of time to potentially increase our odds. For my husband, she suggested taking vitamin E, vitamin C and zinc. Those were daily for him.

She told me to start on folic acid, and to start taking a prenatal vitamin in preparation of my pregnancy. Because, wow, the minute you get pregnant, your body is sending key nutrients to the baby.

Another suggested tip — and I have read there is a little bit of back-and-forth about whether or not this actually works — was for me to take a tablespoon of Robitussin three times a day when approaching ovulation because it would help thin out the cervical mucus. I think it works because, obviously, it dries up nasal congestion so I don’t know why it wouldn’t dry you up other places as well. Her deal was it makes it easier for the sperm to swim up and get where it needs to be.

Tools and Lube

I tried this next tip but it was more involved than I wanted it to be. Daily use a special thermometer. It actually shows your temperature in tenths. If you watch it long enough and graph your temperature for several months, eventually you’ll see that your temperature does a slight spike before you ovulate. For example, if you notice that on day 12 in the morning, your temperature spikes, then it’s probably safe to say that your body is preparing for ovulation. If you have the patience, it’s actually a great tool. You have to remember though, every morning, before you even move, to reach over and grab the thermometer, take your temperature and then graph it. I think that’s probably why it wasn’t so easy for me.  I would always forget.

Fertility friendly personal lubricant

The next tip is Pre-Seed. Again, I’ve read questions about whether or not it actually works. This is just what we used and, obviously, it worked for us. This lubricant is fertility friendly and is supposed to be safe for sperm. A number of lubricants actually aren’t good for sperm life. Pre-Seed is reputed to be safe for sperm.

High Tech Help

If you have a smartphone, I mean, most of us do at this point, there are plenty of fertility apps. I had a couple I used and really liked. They help you keep track, because month after month if you’re trying to remember, “What day did I ovulate?” you’re probably going to forget. Find an app that will help you track your ovulation cycle.

The last thing is called a… ovulation prediction kit.  This is different from a pregnancy test. The only similar thing is that you dip the stick in urine. It tests for a particular hormone which will help you figure out when you’re going to ovulate. Some of these tests are fancy. You pee on the stick and a smiley face pops up, which means you’re going to ovulate soon. I’ve found this to be really helpful for us when we were working on baby number one and two.

If you’re trying to conceive a baby, best luck, best wishes. I hope it works out for well you!

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