Making Padsicles for After Baby Comes

I heard about padsicles after I had our first daughter, and wished that I had something kind of like that for postpartum care. So, that’s what I want to cover today.

I know there are a bunch of tutorials on how to make them on YouTube, but after reading and looking around and figuring out what I wanted to do, I thought I would give you an idea about how to make them, and then I can tell you afterwards how they worked and what I thought about using them.

So, I have a big stack of awesome overnight pads that I’m going to use. I’m going to go ahead and open them up and leave the plastic. I am going to be using witch hazel and this is the kind of aloe vera gel that I decided I wanted. I wanted a food-grade supplement. For whatever reason I just feel a little bit better about having this close to my nether regions, being food-grade, being safe to consume.

Anyway, I use these two things. I also heard a few people talking about using essential oils, like a tea tree oil or lavender. I decided not to do that, just because I don’t know very much about essential oils and I’m not entirely comfortable putting them so close to home. I’m going to go ahead and make one. Watch how I do it.

I have the pad on a plate, that way I don’t make a giant mess, and I’ve got it opened up. Again, I still have the plastic on there. I have a spoon to help layer my ingredients and level things out.

I’m going to take the witch hazel and I could probably just dump it straight on there, honestly, but I’ll use the spoon. I’m going to do the whole pad, not just the middle, because I want full coverage of this area. I’ve got probably two or three tablespoons dumped on there.

Then I’m going to take this aloe vera gel and I think I’ll just dump it straight out. I’m going to be pretty liberal with it, just because the gel will probably feel great. Rub it in. Now I’m going to go ahead and fold it back just like that. A lot of the pads, some of the other ones I have, have a little piece of tape. This one doesn’t so I’ll probably just use a little bit of scotch tape, or just stack and pack them.

I’m going to do is a bunch of these, and then put them in a gallon-size freezer bag, freeze them in the back of the freezer, and when I get home from the hospital, ta-da! I will bust these out!

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