Birth Preparations: What Worked and What Didn’t Work

I wanted to get back with you guys on some of the things I wrote about in my prior posts about my postpartum care, my hospital go bag, the nurse basket, and the things that I got for the older sister. I know they were things I said that I would let you know about how they worked out, and whether or not I liked it and used it, so that’s what this post is about. It’s me getting back to you.

My Postpartum Basket

Let’s start with the postpartum preparation basket. I told you about the Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Bath tea bags. They were a little time-consuming but overall, they felt very nice. There are a couple of different ways to use them. Here are a few things you could do – you can freeze them and use them on a pad, you could use them with a sitz bath, whatever. So, I liked ’em, they were good.


The padsicles:  I made a total of 30, and I used all but two, so they were great, I loved them. The only thing is I should probably have made some ice diapers, too (here’s how I made some for a friend after my birth experience). That’s where you open the diaper up, snip off the excess stuff, make a slit in the side, and fill it with chopped ice or smaller pieces of ice. I probably would’ve made maybe five to 10 of those for the first day or two at home, because an actual ice pack down there would have felt pretty great.

Belly Support Wrap

The next thing is the belly support wrap. I have worn this just a little bit. The jury’s still out. I think that it’s a good idea, but I haven’t actually worn it enough to really give you a full and complete rundown, but I like it so far.


The last thing on the list was the Depends. I liked them. I felt a lot more protected when I got into bed with them on. I wasn’t worried I was going to leak or anything like that. I will be completely honest, though, they’re Depends. You feel like you’re wearing a diaper. So if you can get past that, which I obviously did because I wore them, then they’re okay and they definitely do the job, but they do feel kind of bulky. They definitely did the job as far as protection, and I was able to use the padsicles with the Depends. When everything melted, there wasn’t any concern of a mess, which was awesome, so that was good.

The Hospital Go Bag

If you read my post on the unexpected birth of our daughter, you’ll know that she was born in our bathroom. So, the hospital go bag, went with us, but it wasn’t ever really utilized to its full potential. There are some things that I took along that, we just didn’t need at all – they didn’t even get touched. There were things that I was really glad that I had like socks with the little rubber grippies on the bottom. I was really happy about those, because hospital floors are disgusting. There’s like 47 people in your room every hour and they’re tracking in stuff, so the socks were great.

Small Items

I loved my Pamela’s Whenever Bars. I was very happy I had them with me. I think that was actually the first thing I ate after I got to the hospital and into our room, because I was starving.

Invest in a six-foot iPhone cord. If you’re going to give birth in a hospital, do yourself a favor and get the six-foot cord, because those little cords they give you? They don’t work, because you’re in your bed, and you need to plug in. Yeah, the six-foot iPhone cord was amazing.

Honestly, other than that, I really didn’t use a whole lot in my hospital bag. I used the outfits and was grateful for them. My outfit with the buttons, the black one that I talked to you about, I was grateful for that one because otherwise I would’ve been in a hospital gown. It felt nice to be able to wear my own clothes. So, I was grateful for the outfits that I had, and actually I wore that one home. It wasn’t Miss America. I wore it home. I don’t care. I did take a shower there, but it was mostly just to rinse off, because I didn’t feel much like standing up. I wanted to get back into bed. That’s pretty much all I used, really.

Items for Big Sister and Nurses

Then the last thing is the items that we got for big sister and the basket I made for the nurses. Big sister loved everything. The big drawing pad? Loved it. She still uses it — still drawing on it. I wish I’d bought more, because she’s in love with it.

The little doll – the Ariel doll, she’s very happy about that. The biggest impression, I think, came from the little gift that we gave her – the Disney Palace Pets.  They are little miniature animals and were from her new baby sister. She still talks about it being from her baby sister, and if you ask her, “Where did this come from?” she says, “It’s my gift from my baby sister for when she came.” So that obviously made an impression and I also could tell that just having these little items for her while my husband and I were at the hospital was a big deal. It helped her feelings because she missed us a lot. It was great to have those extra little things for her.

Last is the nurse care basket. I’m super glad I did this. The nurses were really appreciative. The only thing that I wish that I had known about or done differently is, we got there at about 1:30 in the morning and the doula took the basket out to the nurses on duty and they were stoked. They were really happy but then there was a shift change at about 7:00 a.m. when all those nurses left and another set of nurses that came on duty.

We actually had three different groups or sets of nurses that came through, because they do change out every so many hours. I wish I had thought ahead about that a little bit more and also thought to give a small gift to each of our main nurses. I had three different women who cared for me. They were my primary nurse while they were on shift.

I wish I had something small and individual that I could’ve given them, too, but the basket was a huge hit. The day I left, my main nurse that day mentioned the basket so she had heard about it or seen it. I’m glad I did it because it was really appreciated. If you’re thinking about doing this, maybe do a little bit of research. Call ahead and find out how the hospital shifts work.

Anyway, that’s what I have for you, that was what worked and what didn’t work. Again, there’s a large part missing because I didn’t labor at the hospital. I labored unknowingly at home and birthed our baby in our bathroom.

I hope you find my experience helpful, even if it didn’t go exactly as we planned!

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