Baby’s Big Sister and Nurse Care

Hi, everybody. I am 39 weeks and a few days as of this writing. My due date is this coming Thursday, so I’ve got a little less than a week, thank goodness. I am SOOOO ready to have this baby. I actually had a little meltdown last night. My first one. So, I’m done, I am just ready. Anyway, today I want to tell you guys about some other things that I’m going to be taking to the hospital, besides my hospital go bag.

I read on a few blogs and talked to a few mom friends about how to care for older siblings as the newer, younger baby sibling comes into the world. I thought that was a really good idea because I always want my daughter to feel special, even though when we’re at the hospital and she definitely won’t be the center of attention. I want her to feel special and loved and cherished.

Thinking Ahead for Big Sister

So, we have gathered a few things that we planned for her. We bought gifts but we’re not taking them all to the hospital, just because I don’t have enough room. We are going to take one thing to the hospital, and then have a few things waiting for her at home.

The first thing we’re going to take, I got at Michaels. It’s a Disney, and they’re called Busy Books. I got one for her probably a year ago and she loved it. On the inside, there are stories and this one is Disney’s Palace Pets, but then, here’s the greatest part. At the end, there is a little play mat that you open up. It actually opens up to be a pretty good size and it has a bunch of different scenes, and little tiny figurines. The figurines are actually painted pretty well and they’re really cute.

My daughter likes little things and especially little toys. She’s not so much into big dolls and Barbies but she really likes miniature stuff, so she’s going to be super excited about this. We wrapped it and our plan is to tell her that this is her gift from her baby sister. If we feel like she’s maybe feeling left out or, I don’t know, just needs a little bit of extra encouragement or a reminder that she’s awesome and special, we will have this at the hospital for her. If not, if she’s just super excited about her little sister, then we might wait to give it to her. I’m not sure but it’ll be wrapped and in the hospital bag so we’ll have it ready just for something special and fun. It will be from her new baby sister. I bought it at Michaels and I think it was about $13. Well worth it.

The next thing we have, and we will probably leave this at home is this awesome find that my parents scored at a garage sale. It’s an Ariel Barbie princess with a couple of different outfits. She’s been into Ariel lately, so she’ll be really excited about this.

And then last, got to love Costco!  We got her this storybook activity pad. It was $12.99 but there are jewels, which is very important and there are stickers included inside. It also has glitter, which is very important when you’re four. So, there are the stickers and coloring pad and it’s big. She can lay on the floor with it and color and do stickers. She’ll be spending time with my dad while we are at the hospital, so, if necessary, this will come in very handy. She can also bring it to the hospital with her if she needs something to do after the baby’s born. We’ll leave this at home because, as you can see, it’s kind of large. She going to be pretty excited about this!

I’m not saying that it’s absolutely necessary to buy your child something, but we want to make sure that she knows, like I said, that she’s special and she’s loved and that even though we’re celebrating the arrival of a new baby that we celebrate her, too. She’s still our princess, she’s just going to be our older princess. Those are the items that we gathered for her.

Some Gifts for the Nurses at the Hospital

There’s also one other thing I’m going to be taking to the hospital. As I’ve thought about the people who are going to be taking care of me and my husband, and then our new baby, I want to honor them. I know nurses work, they work long hours and sometimes, maybe, sometimes mommas might not be very charitable. I hope I’m charitable, but in case I’m not…no, I’m kidding.

Anyway, I made a basket as a thank you gift. I got the basket at Michaels because they always have sales on baskets. I think the basket was a couple dollars. Then, I got a fun coloring book specifically for women. It has a bunch of inspiring quotes and fun pictures inside, and the colored pencils that go with it. I added some chocolates, some chewing gum, some chapstick, some individual lotions. Then, I went to Costco again, and bought a box of KIND Bars. I put about 9 or 10 of them in there, and filled the bottom with white crinkle paper.

We’re going to put this in a big bag, and take that along with us to drop off at the nurses station when we check in. I am also going to slip into the basket somewhere several copies of my birth plan. That’ll be a nice way to encourage them to look at it, and also to let them know I’m not just a number or a person in room 302, you know. Just showing a little bit of love. I want to make sure they’re taken care of, too, because I’m guessing that dealing with laboring women is probably sometimes kind of challenging.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got and I’ll let you know how it all turns out, what the older daughter thinks about her toys and how the nurses received the basket. Like I said, hopefully, our baby will be coming sometime this week. And yeah, I can’t wait. I’m so ready.

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