How We Made Our Baby Girl Nursery Work on a Budget

Hi everybody. Today I want to talk about my baby girl nursery on a budget. When I found I was pregnant with another little girl, I started dreaming about her nursery and what it would look like. Researching Pinterest and I typed in “Baby Girl Nursery,” and found some of the most beautiful nurseries ever. I mean, gorgeous. They look better than my room! But then, I realized we are on a budget.  You probably have a budget, too, so feel free to borrow our ideas if anything strikes your fancy.   🙂

The first thing I want to talk about is the crib because that’s where the action is right now. Baby is sleeping in here. We actually purchased this crib for our older daughter when she was born. It’s a three in one convertible crib, so it was first used as a crib. Then this piece was removed leaving the little protective rail and eventually, the sides went away and it stretched out to a twin-size bed. At the time we bought the crib and its attachments, it was a bit expensive.

When I found out that I was pregnant again, I thought, “Okay, do I want to buy another convertible crib for the baby and stretch this one out for our older daughter, or do I want to buy our older daughter a big girl bed with a twin mattress and use this one for our coming baby?” Obviously, you can see which one we chose, but let me explain why. When I started comparing prices, between a convertible crib and a big girl bed with a twin mattress they were fairly comparable.

I brought our older daughter into the decision making process because I didn’t want her to feel like we were stealing her bed. We had to do something regardless, so if she had wanted to keep the crib bed, then we probably would’ve gotten another convertible crib. However, one morning I was sitting with her before the baby was born and she said, “Mommy, where is the baby going to sleep?” I told her, “Well, she’s going to sleep in a crib but we’ve got to get one.”

Our daughter said, “Well, I have an idea. Why don’t we give her my bed and we can make it a crib again!?” I thought, “Oh, perfect! You just made up our minds.” And actually it worked out well because when I looked at the price for a big girl bed with a twin mattress, it was comparable to the convertible crib that I wanted. I know you can get a pretty good deal on a convertible crib, but the one I researched and wanted was about the same price, only a little less expensive than doing the twin with a mattress. Our choice worked out perfectly for us because our older daughter feels special with her new bed, and our younger daughter has this crib that will convert to a bigger bed for her as she grows. I like this crib so that’s a bonus.

Moving right along in our budget nursery, this is our rocking chair. Again we bought it when our first daughter was born. It was actually a birthday present. Our first born was about a month old when I thought, “I need a place to sit while I’m nursing her, and I don’t really have anything that’s comfortable.” So we purchased a rocking chair. I love this rocking chair because I’m a pretty tall gal and it has a higher back compared to the ones I was finding at the baby stores. Those rocking chairs only came up to about here on me. When I came in at 3 AM to nurse the baby, I would often fall asleep and needed the support of a higher back chair. At this point having had it for five years, I would say that the cost is well defrayed. It’s used mostly during the night. It’s something I didn’t have to buy since we already had it, which was awesome. That definitely helped our budget.

This table is not super special because we already had it. It actually houses our Wi-Fi, but more importantly, it houses one of our noise makers. White noise makers are important for us because they help create a quiet environment for our  baby to sleep as her bedroom is on the street side of our home. The noise maker is not super loud but it helps keep her room quiet. So yeah, in this corner, rocking chair and noise maker.

Next on the tour is the changing table/dresser, and this light. The changing table/dresser and the light both came from IKEA. This light is plastic. And at first when I bought it, I sarcastically thought, “Oh, great, it’s plastic.” It cost like $9.99, but then I thought, “Okay, this is going in a baby’s room, pretty soon to be a toddler and what do babies and toddlers like to do? They like to pull stuff over.” And actually she has already pulled it over. I worry a lot less with it being plastic because it’s just going to bounce. It’s not breakable glass. Plus, it was inexpensive and I needed a light. So IKEA – gotta love IKEA.

The next thing is the dresser that we turned into a changing table. I researched to find out if it’s called “The Malm,” M-A-L-M. I also researched to see if a traditional changing pad would fit on top, and it didn’t. So I searched on Amazon until I found a changing pad that did fit. Thank you, Amazon. I just added it to my baby shower list and was fortunate enough to receive it as a shower gift. Thus, I could remove that item from our nursery budget. Great! The changing pad and cover were a gifts.

Again, this is The Malm dresser. Presently, I’ve stacked diapers, wipes, a few of my cloth-diapering needs and some of her nine-month clothes. The bottom drawer houses the next size of clothing which will be a 12 month size. She’s not there yet. This has been a great addition to her room because we don’t have a ton of storage in this house. I think this cost just a little over $100 – so score. It was perfect.

I want to bring your attention to these letters. I made them from letters purchased at Michael’s using a hot glue gun and fake flowers. I think adding the initials of our daughter has added a personalized touch to her room. So that’s this corner of the nursery. All right, the last stop on our nursery tour is this lovely behind the curtains storage area. For hanging curtains from the ceiling we bought a track system from IKEA and it actually works well. The curtains came from IKEA as well. Obviously, when our little gets older, we’re gonna have to rethink this storage area, but for now, it helps me deal with my clutter issues.

Our house is not large, only a little over 1,000 square feet, which is about 93 square meters. As you can see, not large and unfortunately, storage needs weren’t initially well thought out in this house. We’ve had to be creative. So behind the curtains, ta-da ! is this. We have two stack-able metal racks where I neatly stack her cloth diapers and some extra things  like blankets. At the bottom rack we have storage tubs filled with baby things from when my older was a baby. I know that at some point our little will need them. This unit is mostly all for the baby, which is very helpful. Over here we have another rack of shelves which is mostly for my husband plus some extra bedding and a little more baby stuff. It’s nice, although, not a long-term solution it helped us prepare for the arrival of our new baby.

We’re gonna need to do something as she gets older because I can just imagine coming in here and finding her climbing these racks, which would be scary. So, not long-term but for now, it works well and it was a relatively inexpensive fix for us. That’s it. That’s the tour of my nursery on a budget.

There is one thing I forgot to mentioned about the Malm dresser. It is super, super important to fasten your furniture to the wall. Anchor it. IKEA will actually give you a free anchoring system if you bought something from them in the past and you didn’t get an anchoring system for it. Everything now from IKEA comes with an anchoring system. So please, make sure you anchor anything heavy to the wall because if something tips over on your baby, it would be awful. Have your hubby, your dad or a friend who is handy do it, or do it yourself. Guaranteed, babies are going to pull up on everything around them as they start to walk.

Thank you so much for visiting my budget baby girl nursery. It’s not fancy but, I sure like it and it works well for us. I wish you success in planning your nursery.

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