Traveling With Baby by Air

Hi, friends. If you’re reading this blog post, it’s very likely you’re about to get on an airplane with a baby and you’re wondering, “What do I take on the plane to ensure that my trip is……well, I’m not going to say easy because it’s not going to be that easy but…….What do I take to ensure that I’ve got what I need and that baby has what she needs to make it through the flight?”  After some flying trips with my baby, I’ve made a list, and I’d love to share my ideas with you!

The first thing you’re going to need is a bag, and it doesn’t have to look like this one. It can be any kind of bag you want. I am going to suggest that whatever bag you take should have pockets. Inside mine, there’s a zip pocket, three pockets here, a pockets on this side and another zip pocket on this side as well. Make sure your bag has compartments because you’re going to have a lot of little things to pack.

First on the list is diapers, and you’re probably kind of wondering, “How many diapers do I need to take for this flight? Do I take an entire bundle load? Do I take just a few?” My rule of thumb is, take at least 3 to 4 diapers per hour that I’m going to be away from the suitcase, house, or whatever. Basically, from the time you check-in and go through security for that first hour, have three or four diapers ready to go. That might be overkill, but I promise you, it’s way better to have more diapers than you need than not enough. Airports may sell diapers but they’re going to cost you a pretty penny for sure. Better to have more than not enough. So 3-5 diapers per hour is my recommendation but you know your baby best, how much they’re going to be peeing.  So diapers, that’s number one. You’re definitely going to want to take diapers.

Number two is, I always like to take an entire brand new container of wipes because wipes work as you know well, for clean up of everything, not just baby’s bottom. So carry a new package of wipes.

I would like to suggest you take several large gallon Ziploc bags. This is for if and when your baby has an accident and pees through the outfit. You’ll be able to put it into the Ziploc and seal it up. That way you don’t have wet, pee clothing in your awesome little carry-on bag. So, take a couple of Ziploc bags.

You’re also going to want, if your baby uses a pacifier, which mine does, a pacifier or two, or three. Also get one of these little strap things to secure it to your baby’s clothing. They’re pretty easy to find, I got these on Amazon. There’s nothing more disgusting than your baby’s got a pacifier on the airplane and out it goes onto the airplane floor! That’s pretty gross, so use a strap and clip that connects the pacifier onto their outfit, that way when they spit it out, which they inevitably will, it won’t hit the floor.

All right, the next item you’re going to want to take, and this is a personal preference, if you want to take actual outfits, that’s fine but I always take these little zip up sleepers. The reason is that baby’s entire body is pretty much covered except for their little feet. Everything is covered and it keeps them warm. It’s also easy to get baby in and out of. If you’ve ever used the lavatories on an airplane, you’ll notice there’s not much room and trying to change a baby’s diaper in there with pants and all kinds of cute little tops is just not really my thing. I travel with the little zip up outfits and I usually pack 4 to 5 of them.

I don’t know if it’s the altitude or if it’s just because you’re not able to change the diaper as frequently, but I’m going to tell you what. With my first born, I think she blew out three of them in, I don’t know, maybe two hours. I was like, “Who are you? Why are you peeing and pooping so much? What’s happening?” Anyway, take some spare outfits and you can put the soiled ones in the Ziploc bags if need be.

The next item I would suggest taking is a blanket. If it’s warm when you’re traveling, take a lighter blanket and if it’s cold, I would take, obviously, a warmer blanket, because airplanes are generally either hot or they’re kind of cool. On my trip I’m going to be taking a thin blanket because it’s going to be pretty warm.

Next item. If your baby is using a bottle or a sippy cup, I would take an empty bottle or an empty sippy cup. It’s something to play with and you can also put water in it, or a little bit of juice or whatever you want. So a bottle and of course, for you formula mommies, obviously you’re going to be taking bottles.

If your kiddo is old enough to be doing the little food packets, which… She sees the packets. “Give me the packets.” If your kiddo’s old enough to be doing the packets, then… Here you go. Take some because that’s, I mean, it’s pretty much all about keeping them busy, honestly. It’s going to be helpful for you to have something to help keep them busy.

Next item in my bag, and again it’s a personal preference but after traveling with the first one, I realized that bathrooms in the airplanes are gross and even grosser still is that the little flip down thing that you change the baby’s diaper on.  It has probably never been cleaned since the creation of the airplane, so I always take these and you can get them at Walmart or Target in the little single item aisle. It’s the antibacterial wipes.

The last item I would suggest taking is toys. I suggest going to the dollar store and finding a few things they can crumple up or chew on, or take a few baby toys they haven’t played with for a while. Maybe not Sophie because she’s loud, but if you have some toys that they can play with on the airplane and chew on, that would be good. Also I’ll be taking her little lovie, in case she naps on the plane. She probably won’t…sigh.

This is a list of my items. If you have other children, you’ll know from experience to get to the airport early. It helps relieve some of the stress… just getting there early to get through security.

A note about security, when you have a little one like this, if you choose to carry them in a car seat and plan on checking the car seat at the gate, they are going to ask you to take your baby out of the car seat to go through security, whether it’s through the little metal detector thing or not. They should never take your baby from you and if they do, or if they ask, say no. That shouldn’t ever happen. It’s never happened to me. They won’t take your baby. Typically they’ll  have you carry baby through. If there’s any reason for concern they might do a pat down but you’ll have your baby the entire time.

Also noteworthy, for you formula mommies and for non-formula mommies, when you travel with a baby there’s a bit of grace extended and you can often take water onto the airplane. Typically when we fly, we get a brand new large bottle of water and take it. When you do that be prepared, they’re probably going to, at least in my experience, take you over to do a swab, just to make sure there’s no traces of bomb making material on your water bottle. Anyway, they may do a bit of extra checking on you, but in my opinion, that’s totally fine if I get to take my own water with me. It’s worth it.

So, I wish you all the best of luck with your travels. If you have anything you want to add to this video… tips that I didn’t talk about that make traveling a little bit easier, leave them below. I’d love to read about them. Oh wait, I forgot one of the most important things. Mommies, take an extra shirt. I read this and I thought, “Yeah, I’m going to do it,” and then I forgot, and that was the one day that I needed the extra shirt. Yep, I was that mom with the big blob of liquid on my shirt, but it’s okay. Mommies are resilient!

I hope you find this helpful.  If you do, please check out our YouTube Channel where we have dozens of videos about #mommyhood and #parentlife. We also have a Facebook page . Thanks for reading today, guys and I hope you have a great rest of your day. Bye!

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