Baby Gas: What to Do to Help

Today, I want to talk about gassy babies. I have overactive letdown, and I wrote about that earlier. Fortunately, it’s not quite as bad as it used to be, but if you are in the first few weeks or months of nursing, and you have overactive letdown and a gassy baby, or you just have a gassy baby in general, there are a few things you can do that will help alleviate gas pain. I didn’t have this with my first, so this has been something I’ve been researching quite a bit, just in the last few months. I have three things I want share today.

These little tubes made a big difference for our two-month old. Her little system just didn’t know how to expel the gas!

The first one is the Windi Gas & Colic Reliever for Babies. The next one is the Hyland’s Baby Gas Drops, and the last one is just a little bit of information on infant massage and how to help move some things around in their little tummies.

In my video, I did a demonstration about how the Windi works with my sweet daughter’s little baby doll Periwinkle. I figured she wouldn’t mind. 🙂 Place the baby down on a safe level surface.  They say on the back of the product label to use coconut oil as a lubricant. The Windi is a little funny looking thing, and you might think, “Ah! Where am I going to put that?” Yeah, you’re going to put it there. Get some coconut oil or something. I would just probably use coconut oil. I think that’s actually what they suggest but any kind of lubricant would work.

The first thing that you’re going to do is just massage the baby’s tummy a little bit. That’s going to help move the bubbles around and kind of start aiming them downwards. Then you have your Windi with a little bit of coconut oil. You’re going to pull her legs up, and you’re going to put it right in the bum. Right here, there’s this stopper, and if it feels like, “Oh my gosh, I’m going to stick that whole thing in there.” It’s okay. It’s not going to hurt them, I promise, especially using the coconut oil lubricant. The first time I did it with my daughter, I don’t even think she noticed. She was just like, “Oh, look over there. There’s my sister.” :))

If there’s a lot of gas or a lot of trapped air…..well, the reason they call it the Windi is because it sounds like wind is going through it. You’ll actually hear it, and it’s helping relieve that gas. I would definitely suggest  having the baby on a diaper or something you don’t mind poo getting on, because sometimes out with the gas comes a bit of poo. I was not so sure about this at first, but desperation, you know, that’ll do a lot for you. So, I gave it a try and it actually works really, really well. We bought ours from Target. They also sell it on Amazon.  So, that’s the first thing, is the Windi, and it’s great.

We have used this at times for our littlest little and it seems to help

The next one I want to talk about is the Hylands Baby Gas Drops, and to be honest, I don’t really know if these have been like 100% helpful. Like, “These are the best, and this is really working.” But I do feel like it helped a little bit in addition to the Windi and the baby massage. I don’t use it super frequently because in the middle of the night, I’m exhausted. I’m tired. My baby’s gassy and angry, and I need sleep. So, I haven’t been the best about using these drops in the middle of the night, but I have before bed, like right after I’ve used the Windi, and I think it has helped.

Now, the last thing is the infant massage. I just learned about this, actually. My mother-in-law was the one who suggested, “Why don’t you give this a try?” And again, desperation. I mean, I’ll try pretty much anything to help our babies be a little more comfortable.

With the baby massage, the goal is like with the Windi when you’re rubbing their tummy in a downward motion. The goal is to help move those bubbles along down towards the bum area where, eventually, they can either be tooted or pooped out. The goal is to not leave the gas bubbles in their stomach. Here’s a link of how to do these baby massages. These are the three things I’ve done for my youngest, and again, I mean, nothing…not any one of them is 100% perfect, but together they’ve helped a lot.

The last thing that I would like to say is that when babies are little, their digestion and their little tummies are immature. They’re still forming, they’re still learning how to digest and how to function outside of the womb. I know that this isn’t the greatest – I didn’t want to hear it either, but time is a miracle worker. Just be patient, buy some Windis and coconut oil. I promise you, it will get better eventually!

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For you veteran moms out there, do you have suggestions about baby gas? If so….please leave them in the comments below!  There is plenty I don’t know and if you have piece(s) I’ve missed, let’s together help other moms who are working on these things!


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