Chewies for Chewers

For those of you that might have a “chewer” in your family, you are going to be excited about this. What’s a chewer? A chewer is the kid who is constantly chewing their nails, biting on their clothes leaving that wet spot on their shirt, or chewing on toys, furniture or on the things you don’t want them to chew on.

I’m going to share from our experience how this chewy necklace, or another like it, is going to help you. It is something I found online after doing research about older toddlers or kids who still chew on everything. Our four-and-a-half-year-old has always been very oral, and I think actually most little kids are, but ours wasn’t outgrowing it.

Everything was still going into her mouth. We were finding her chewing on our coffee table, colored pencils, or you know, I would see her sitting there chewing and sucking on her shirt. I thought, “What can we do for this?” Actually, the idea came from her pre-school teacher.  She told me their mouth is one of the ways kids experience the world around them. To take that away from them is to take away one of their five senses.  Obviously, I don’t want her chewing on my coffee table, colored pencils, her clothes and more so what to do?

Our 4-1/2 year old likes this chewy on a necklace. It’s tough and on the necklace, it’s always nearby.

I did the research and found this great necklace. There are a bunch of different kinds. You don’t have to get the heart shaped chewy like ours, it’s just the one our daughter picked out. There are dog tags, little pendants or small egg shapes, specifically designed for chewing.

These chewies are created for different reasons and different groups of children. For example, toddlers and children who are on the autism spectrum that want to chew on something. We bought the necklace and it immediately worked wonders. She stopped chewing on her nails and sucking on her shirt. I haven’t seen her put the edge of the coffee table in her mouth since we got the necklace. Now, if only she will give up the colored pencils… I don’t know when that will happen but the chewy has made a difference.

If you’re interested, they are easy to find  on the web, and of course you can get them from Amazon. The websites provide lots of information. Chewies can help kids concentrate while they’re working on their math or whatever, because some just need to chew on something, and mine is one of them. I’m actually going to purchase a variety of chewies, so she can choose.

Got a chewer?  Get her something positive to bite down on!

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