Prepping Dad for Baby Care Success

In today’s post, I want to suggest some ideas about how we moms can prepare our guys to have a successful time with baby so we moms can get out of the house. Because it’s really important even if you’re just going to run over to the grocery store or Michael’s, buy gas, or maybe get your nails done. It’s important to get out of the house even if it only happens every once in a while… you’ve got to get out. 🙂

Here are some ideas that worked well for us with our first baby and we’re working on implementing them this time around as well. Even second-time-around dads might need coaching.

Main Thing: Be Prepared!  Overly Prepare!

The main thing is to prepare! Be prepared. Overly prepare. Prepare for things you don’t even think are necessary because that’s going to make it successful for both dad and baby.


Dad and a very little baby not quite yet ready for mom to be gone much!

First thing is food. We’ll start with daddy. Make sure dad has eaten and if he hasn’t, make sure there’s something he can quickly throw in the microwave. Or something  easily prepared because it’s just one less thing he’ll have to worry about. I understand he can handle himself. Yeah, but you know when it’s a first time dad… you want to set him up for success. You want him to be, “Okay. Yeah, let’s do it again. I’d be happy for you to go to the store or whatever.” So make sure dad is fed.

Then, make sure that baby is fed before you leave. Give baby a bottle or nurse baby right before you leave. If you are a breastfeeding mama, get everything all set up. Have the pumped milk in a specific spot and show dad where it is. Have the bottle ready, maybe even have two bottles and two bags of breast milk available.

The same goes if you’re formula feeding; have the scoops and bottles all laid out. I would probably set out more than needed just in case something goes awry. That way it’s all right there if needed.

If baby’s a little bit older, have snacks laid out. If they’re doing solid foods, have baby food, and some of those little melt away crisps they can eat. Add yummy snacks they can chew on if appropriate.  That’s going to help Dad. So food – it’s a big deal! Make it easy for dad.

Diapers and Baby Gear Locked and Loaded

Of course, dad knows where the baby’s clothes are. 🙂 Okay, get those diapers and outfits out and ready to go. Have them right on the changing table, or wherever you change diapers. Have a couple extra outfits available and all the diaper changing supplies needed in one place. That’s one fewer hassle when changing diapers.

If it’s going to be nap time lay out their swaddles, pacifiers, and whatever else they need. Just have it close so they don’t have to search for it because when baby’s going full crazy, it’s hard to concentrate. I have a hard time concentrating when this one is full crazy, and she’s my second one, and I’m her mommy. So lay it all out for dad. Make it convenient for dad.

Make sure you’ve got emergency phone numbers for a family member or close friend. Know that hubby can call them if he can’t get through to you. Obviously, when you go out for the first few times have your phone on. Make sure you’re there and you answer because the first few times for any new dad, might be overwhelming, and probably a little frustrating.

It gets better, I promise. But set them up for success and it’ll be something you can continue to do for a long time. It will help build a great relationship between daddy and baby which is so important, and it will get you out of the house for a well deserved break. Yay!

If All Else Fails…..

One thing I discovered when my oldest was a baby, was if all else fails, put them in warm water, and you know, it’s true. To this day if my oldest is cranky or having a bad day, all I have to do is put her in the tub and she is good to go. Our second child is proving to be pretty similar. If she’s not having a good day, put her in warm water, or run some water on her hands and she’s happy.  Make sure you leave out a comfy towel.

Ok, mom. You can be gone for a little while. But just be back when I really, really need you!

That’s it. Mainly, be prepared and then some. Be prepared for being prepared. Do more than you think you need. Be patient with these hubbies. It’s hard for them. While many of us moms grew up babysitting and being around kids. I think it was a different story for our guys.  If they are experienced with babies, then yay! If not, remember this is a new experience for them and we want it to be as positive as possible.

In closing be patient, be prepared, get them set up extra well and get out of the house. Hurry, run!

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